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Innervate understands the importance of profitability and how it links directly to productivity. It is from years of experience consulting in these areas that we learned how easily systems can fail without support in the front end to build a strong foundation between the people in the organization. Because nothing happens without people, paying attention to this foundation will leverage your resources and improve productivity and profitability, even if the route doesn’t seem as direct. You can’t short-cut this.

As you look back along the chain, you can see there are three steps that need to happen before productivity occurs. This is where Innervate specializes. It takes collaboration between co-workers to find the most efficient way to do things – or to build on each other’s creativity to develop innovative ideas or products. Strong collaboration comes from highly engaged employees; and that kind of engagement only comes when people feel seen & heard; valued and included.

Innervate specializes in helping companies build the foundations that enables sustainable high performance.

How are we different?


Our expertise lies in discovering 'what is'. We work with you to create 'what can be'.

We facilitate the waking up of dormant potential

We focus on clear communication and collaboration

We help you discover opportunities you didn't know existed

We support you in building competencies that will differentiate you

Innervate uses simple yet powerful techniques to engage the emotional energy that must be tapped to achieve high performance. When engaged, employees will give of themselves above and beyond; when disengaged, they find it challenging to do the minimum expected of them.

Most leaders are confident in working with their teams when the energy is high and positive, but not as comfortable when times get challenging. While it is challenging, Innervate sees the energy of resistance and avoidance as an exciting opportunity to be converted into engagement and collaboration. Experience tells us there is wisdom in the resistance - it's worth paying attention to.

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A mind stretched to a new dimension can never return to its original shape.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

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